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Ordering an item of merchandise before it's available, with understanding that it will be made and shipped later.

What Does A Skumbag Pre-Order Look Like?

Pre-order is a benefit! You get the availability of authentic design which may not see the light of day again. Pre-order is a way to secure the rarest of rare! There is a limited amount of design, so when you pre-order, you get our limitations. Hey, we aren’t trying to over commit to shit, so when it’s your’s to claim, it will be yours. Snatch it up like a true Skumbag!!!

How Long Will Each Skumbag Pre-Order Last?

Pre-orders run 2-3 weeks while supplies last. We document the head count to supplies. It is purely a first come, first serve basis. Remember, nice guys finish last, so break out the brass knuckles!!!

How Do Pre-Orders Happen?

We release the design and check our account to see how many we can produce, you like it, you ask for it, we create it, package it and ship it right to your dingy doorstep. You can now relax when got a Skumbag on your back.

When Will The Pre-Orders Ship? 

Ok, let’s break this down in actual time. If Skumbag has a pre-order beginning on April 28th and ends on May 11th. This means the pre-order should show up on your doorstep around May 19th. That is our goal but they don’t call it going postal for nothing!!!

Why Is Skumbag Company Doing A Pre-Order Instead Of An Online Store?

We get it, waiting sucks ass!!! You know what else sucks ass… being a small company building from the bottom up. Truthfully… we need the budget to get to an online store. By preordering, not only does that guarantee you Skumbag swag, that allows us to grow larger for you and your Skumbag community. Pre-ordering enables us to make your products fast and right. 

Whats Your Return Policy?

Skumbag Company wants you to be completely stoked and satisfied with our products. If there is a reason you're not happy with your purchase, like there is a product defect or it was damaged during shipping, please contact Skumbag Company immediately and we'll fix the problem. 

The day your package arrives, inspect it for any damaged or missing products.

If Satan forbid, you receive any damaged products or if our stoner melons forgot something that your invoice package slip says should be there, contact Skumbag Company at ( Email us your order number, name, and a short description of the problem. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take note Skumbags!!!! - (this is the small print most companies don't want you to see)

You have 21 days to return damaged or defective products. The products must be returned before a replacement is shipped. Skumbag Company will ship your replacement for free. Skumbag Company does not accept returns after 21 days. Yes… We track every delivery!

Returns need to be in their original condition from when you received your package. Attached tags, unwashed, unworn, if we receive anything that falls outside of these specifications - do not expect to get a replacement.

Skumbag Company products are made to order so there may be a 2-3 week delay in receiving your replacement product. We can't promise that you will get your replacement fast, but we can guarantee that you will get your replacement! 

No exchanges, skumbags. 

All returns should be mailed to the following address and include a copy of your invoice. 

Skumbag Company

PO Box 2417

Everett WA - 98213

What types of payment do you accept?

Visa | MasterCard | American Express | Discover | Apple Pay | PayPal

- You know, the typical new age modern form of payment!

Can I Buy Skumbag Company Products If I Live Outside Of The US?

Hell yeah you can!!! But these are the regulations we are currently dealing with…

Skumbag Company will be excepting international orders from the following countries-Canada / Australia / Untied Kingdom! Keep in mind that items ordered and shipped from the United States, you will be responsible for any and all local taxes, duties, tariffs and or other charges or impositions (including VAT) associated with your purchase. By placing your order, you are agreeing that you will be responsible for and will pay, as due, all such charges, as applicable.

Once a shipment has left domestic handling and entered international borders, Skumbag Company is no longer responsible for the tracking of said shipment. All orders from the time of entering international borders must be taken up by the customer with their local delivery service.